Galaxy Awards 2013

Projekt: HOERBIGER „Corporate Website“. Die Corporate Website wurde bei den Galaxy Awards 2013 in New York mit der Auszeichnung GOLD in der Kategorie Websites bewertet. Wir freuen uns, dass wir nun auch mit der Auszeichnung GRAND AWARD geehrt wurden. Wir bedanken uns bei der Firma HOERBIGER für das uns entgegengebrachte Vertrauen.

The GALAXY Awards are sponsored by MerComm, Inc. an independent organization founded with the exclusive purpose of evaluating, measuring and recognizing the standards of excellence. As such, entrants are assured that their work is judged objectively and fairly. The GALAXY program is the only competition that is judged by peers in the profession rather than by editors and advertisers. Further, the GALAXY Awards Competition is unique in that each entry is judged against itself, to the degree that the individual entry achieves its intended purpose. Entries from large or small organizations have an equal playing field at winning. Judging is based not on budget, but on the values of creativity, effectiveness, performance and success, as symbolized by the GALAXY Awards.

Each entry is evaluated three separate times during the preliminary rounds. The three sets of scores are then averaged into a single score for individual entry. A certain minimum score must be achieved to qualify for an award. Awards are given to the top third of the entries. Only one Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honors Award will be given in each classification; however, if no entry scores high enough, no award will be given.

All Gold Award Winners become candidates for the Grand Awards. In addition, one BEST OF SHOW Award will be presented to the one entry that best exemplifies the spirit of the GALAXY Awards. (Quelle: Galaxy Awards)